Tip 92: Steps for Easier Sight-Reading and Sight-Singing

Before sight reading or singing a melody, there are a few steps you can take to make it easier to tackle accurately:

Determine the key and meter, then glance over the range for an idea of what octave to start in. Then look it over for repeating phrases, rhythms and motifs, so you’ll have a preliminary concept of how the melody sounds. Now take a second to identify the trickier intervals and rhythms that string these melodic ideas together, and practice them in your head a few times. Silently read the melody from start to finish one more time, now that you understand how it works.

All that’s left is to warm up a little with the scale and sing it through! It will probably still take you a few times to get it perfect, but the trouble spots will be easier to identify and your first try will be much closer to the goal.

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