Ear Training Tips

101 Ear Training Tips for the Modern Musician

Get 101 Tips To Improve Your Musical Ear

101 Ear Training Tips for the Modern Musician

“101 Ear Training Tips for the Modern Musician”

Great musicians have great ears.

With ear training you can enhance your ears for music.


But we all need a helping hand to keep motivated, enthusiastic and inspired when learning something new…

“101 Ear Training Tips for the Modern Musician” is the new eBook with 101 tips, tricks, and fresh ideas for keeping your ear training fun, easy and effective.

Ear Training Tips

Get tips for all the core types of ear training: Music Appreciation, Practicing, Active Listening, Audiation, Intervals, Chords, Relative Pitch, Scales & Modes, Rhythm, Improvisation, Playing By Ear, Singing… and some general hints and advice for developing your musical ear.

For example: Working on interval ear training?

Interval Ear Training Tip #34

Take your favourite music player and choose a playlist with at least twenty songs.

Play the each song only until the first vocal, and stop after the first two notes. Sing the interval out loud, and then try to locate the first note on the piano (or other instrument). Sing the interval again and try to name it as a fourth, fifth etc.

Press ‘Skip’ and go on the next song, and repeat!

Or maybe you want to practice chord ear training so you can play by ear?

#44: Chord Ear Training Tip

You can harmonise any melody based on the major scale using just the I, IV and V chords – because those three chords together include all the notes of the scale. Try it!

Or maybe you just need a bit of inspiration to keep stretching your music learning in new directions?

#2: Music Appreciation Tip

Increase your general knowledge about music. Go to a jumble sale/car boot sale/yard sale and challenge yourself to find three CDs for a buck or less, which you know NOTHING about – the more obscure the better.

Take them home and listen through, and then read about what you’ve heard. Look at the CD booklet, or look up the artist or composer online.

Whatever type of ear training you’re focused on, “101 Ear Training Tips for the Modern Musician” will have something to help you develop a good ear for music.